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About Us

Kerry & Mark, Weston Park, Staffordshire

The beautiful Weston Park is a remarkable setting for weddings and we were able to take full advantage of the stunning gardens, exterior of the classical building and the tasteful elegance of the interior. From the warmth of the bedrooms and bridal preparation rooms to the stunning grand staircase and onto the orangery where the wedding ceremony took place.

Kerry & Mark wanted an informal attitude to the day where we were able to capture the couple and the guest naturally with only small directing from my team. Everyone came with the same relaxed attitude and made the whole day fun and an honour to be a part of.

orangery 25mb.jpg
57 roman pillar group 3.jpg
6 grooms gear.jpg
57 mark out the window.jpg
41 kerry & marks wedding.jpg
17a sharna make up.jpg
51 bride 1st staircase colour.jpg
18 father and Bride_.jpg
62a Bride on stairs album.jpg
bride and mom 25mb.jpg
4 bride reveal to bridesmaids 2.jpg

Story of the Day

We arrived at 07.00 to capture the fun moments of everyone getting ready for the day, hair, make up, getting dressed, a small drink to settle the nerves, the bride and grooms personal wedding items and the surroundings

19 kerry & marks wedding.jpg
15d kerry & marks wedding.jpg
43 slumber wear colour.jpg
9a dress.jpg
59a drinking the strong stuff.jpg
12 kerry halfway thru hair with mom.jpg

Pre Ceremony

Time to capture the pre ceremony memories as the bride and groom are ready. The groom mingling with friends and nervously waiting whist the bride reveals her dress to her bridesmaids and shares a special moment with mom and dad then makes her way down the grand staircases and onto the aisle walk

23b at the window bw.jpg
10 bride turning at window.jpg
61 bride halfway on main stairs b&w.jpg
53a bride hazy light 1st staircase.jpg
5 kerry & marks wedding.jpg
33a carol laughing.jpg
39 carol, kerry, Carol.jpg
23 bridesmaid portrait.jpg
25 groomsmen and mark laughing.jpg
43 rafi entering ceremony room 2.jpg

The wedding ceremony

 We try to get the feeling of the bride and groom on camera. The joy, the emotion, the love in the room.

The giving of rings, the signing of the register and the happy walk back.

001 waiting for the bride.jpg
36 dancing back down the aisle 2.jpg
16 groom looking at bride.jpg
24 kiss the bride b&w.jpg
27 bride groom maids and men_.jpg
37 kerry and doggo.jpg
70a kerry walking evening spotlight.jpg
31 carly, sharna and rafi.jpg
69b dancing in the moonlight.jpg
41 autumnal Kerry.jpg
2a confetti 3.jpg
5 bride and groom kissing in front of mom.jpg
33 photo of a photo.jpg
22 holding hands showing rings.jpg
14 smiling ceremony.jpg
4 bride and groom meeting.jpg

Just Married

Time to photograph the married couple, the confetti throwing and the ensemble of guests where we could use the entire grounds and be creative.

The shots at the stone columns of the bridal party are very unique and really showcased the relaxed atmosphere of the day and are amongst my favorite wedding photographs 

77 sitting on stairs b&w 2.jpg
44 at the pillars girls family.jpg
71 outside front evening.jpg
78a sitting on stairs b&w.jpg
79 sitting on stairs colour 2.jpg
53 roman pillar group 2.jpg
1 walking down the aisle 1.jpg
18 Putting on the ring 2.jpg
19 Putting on the ring.jpg
9 bridesmaids at the ceremony.jpg
2 confetti 2.jpg
75 cake b&w.jpg
34 kerry between guests.jpg
68 bride groom under the moon.jpg
77a sitting on stairs_.jpg
62b sunset kiss.jpg
47 at the pillars 4.jpg
21 husband and wife with kerrys fsamily 2.jpg

Let's Party

We stayed until 23.00 to capture the fun of the evening, including the speeches. Here are a few photos but we will leave the rest to your imagination. A good day and night was had by all including us photographer's and hopefully you can see it in all the faces we photographed.

23b les' team speech.jpg
33 first dance black and white 3.jpg
night party 86.jpg
night party 74.jpg
21a kerry entering for dinner.jpg
28b toast.jpg
35 first dance high key black and white.jpg
30 getting up for first dance 2.jpg
night party 10.jpg
night party 25.jpg
03 kerry full body characature.jpg
22 Father of the bride speech 2.jpg
32 first dance black and white 2.jpg
night party 77.jpg
night party 66.jpg
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