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Landscape Astrophotography for beginners

once in a lifetime

We want to take you on your first steps into the world of photographing the universe. The night sky is a mesmerizing sight especially when we arrive at a dark sky location.

Our aim is to get you familiar with the map of the night sky, how to get focus in the dark and how to achieve the best setting for the situation.

We will be taking photos of the milky way and constellations with a wide angle lens 14 to 35mm

Equipment required for these workshops are

Camera with manual mode

sturdy tripod

lens with fast aperture

cable release or in camera shutter delay.

If you would like to join us please use the contact button below, we will then send out an email as to when the weather looks good enough.

We will need to move quickly so a weeks notice will be given and a location chose to meet

We will work around the moon and set up workshops to coincide with new moon or a few days either side

Weather is a major factor to consider as any cloud can spoil the night shoot so if clouds are forecast then we will cancel the date and look for the next new moon.

new moon dates for 2024

08 May

06 Jun

05 July

04 Aug

03 Sept

02 Oct

01 Nov

01 Dec

we will work within a few days of these dates and try to make the weekends depending on moonrise and set

Locations Shropshire Hills, Snowdonia, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall,Llangollen

£150.00 per person

£25.00 deposit to secure place

Deposit rolled over or refunded if cancelled due to inclement weather

valensole hut milky way
Church on the sea milky way
south stack milky way
Aurora Borealis at Penmon

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watching the milky way
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