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Lofoten Tour

Lofoten is a unique place to photograph where mountains raise out of the Fjords and the Aurora Borealis lights up the night sky. Winter is extra special as there is enough daylight to get the iconic snowy backdrops, but the long night gives you the best chance of chasing the northern lights. Not a great deal of distance to drive to all the locations and my job is to find the best locations and best conditions in the gorgeous arctic light. Because the sun is always low on the horizon, we do get great golden hour light for a longer time than usual. I would love to take you on this epic tour in a special part of the world inside the artic circle.

Hamnoy Village Lofoten
Skagsanden Aurora
Ramberg Red Hut big sky

Week 1     17/02/2024 - 24/02/2024

Week 2     25/02/2024 - 03/03/2024


7 day tours From base in Either Leknes or Hamnoy 

We will make decisions on the move to get the best out of the weather as the travelling distances are not too long, we will be able to stay in one hotel for the duration.

Making the most of the night for chasing the Aurora and visiting the iconic locations such as

Hamnoy, Sakrisoy, Uttakleiv, Ramberg, Skagsanden, Reine, Fredvang, Haukland

The photographic opportunities are endless

Pick up from Leknes airport and onto settle in the hotel.

Tour starts as soon as everyone has arrived. So be prepared to move quickly if weather is suitable.

It can get extremely cold especially when waiting for the Aurora, but I will send a checklist via email of what is required for the tour.


inclusive of all travel around Lofoten, from and back to airports, accommodation and tuition if required. Flights to and from Leknes, travel insurance and food are your responsibility. 

We will make regular stops at supermarkets and restaurants/cafes

£500.00 deposit to secure place.

Use the button below to choose date and email your interest 

Use the flights button to access SAS Airlines

ramberg red hut
Sakrisoy Mountain and Hut
Uttakleiv Rocky Waves
skagsanden beach rocks
Rambery Hut snow storm
Hamnoy Village to Sakrisoy Mountain
Lofoten mountain light
 Reine long Exposure
Hamnoy below bridge
Fredvang Mountain Sunset
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